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Creative Ideas For Basement Revamping

Traditionally, the basement has been categorized as the storage space. However, Calgary basement renovators have designed fresh and new ideas that will completely revamp the neglected basement. The holiday decorations, unused and old goods can relocate to new spaces.

Calgary basement renovators’ basement ideas

Goodbye to the rats that once occupied the basement area. It is time to spruce that space by trying these few ideas:

Personalized home theater

We all dream of having a theater of some sort in our homes. As a matter of fact, most people have tried that move in our living rooms, but it is not an easy task. With an unused basement, you will need and audio and video equipment to create an ideal theater room. Better still, you can soundproof the room and enhance the acoustics thereby amplifying the cinema experience.

Expanded family space

Quit complaining about the congested family space in your house. One can expand by knocking out the walls of the basement. It would be an ideal extended space especially if is full sized. You do not have to worry about having windows downstairs or not. Based on the space available, a dining area or kitchenette can be incorporated.

(Wo)Man cave

We all crave to have our personal space and privacy especially for people with big or growing family. The man cave is a location totally detached from the house where the man of the family and his friends can hang out. In most cases, it is a male zone.

For men and women who want some time out on their own, the basement can be remodeled to create that man/woman cave.

Adult wreck room

Are you still wondering what your basement can do for you? Have your kids taken over the house? Are you shy of doing adult stuff? A completed basement can hold a mini bar or a separate living space. You do not have to worry about being interrupted. Clear the storage space and transform it into an adult room.

Tips on getting started

  • Consider the building codes of your area
  • Consider potential ventures during renovation procedures such as plumbing, wiring, heating, and cooling
  • Seek the opinion of a certified contractor

Basement revamp mistakes to avoid

Low ceiling height

The problem with low ceiling height is that it is uncomfortable to some people. Excavating to gain a longer height is costly. However, talk to your contractor about how to make some face-lifts based on your budget.

Water damage

One of the major challenges that face the basement area is water flooding. Any possible water damage such as stagnant water closer to your home and negative slope grades should be repaired. A qualified contractor should offer workable solutions to help address the menace.

Other mistakes to avoid include:

  • Noisy hub- Invest in sound-absorbing materials for the floor
  • Awkward floor patterns-It leads to oddly shaped rooms that may feel claustrophobic
  • Design continuity- The design of the revamped baseline should be in line with the rest of the house.
  • Too specific or too improved designs
  • Inadequate lighting or lack of ample windows

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