Southwestern Ontario residents deserve a consumer friendly event with free parking that services the suburbs where they can enjoy the latest and greatest trends in home décor, presented by local and regional businesses.

The Ideal Fall Home Show is the premier regional fall home show in Canada, setting the standards to which others strive to achieve. From inspired décor to renovating ideas the Ideal Fall Home Show has it all. Come get inspired, get informed, be entertained and most importantly be ready to shop.

Special Attractions

Please join us and be inspired, informed, and entertained with our guests. Please check back regulary for updates.

All under one roof, free parking and just in time for the holidays!

Why attend the Ideal Fall Home Show:

  • See new products demonstrated 
  • Meet sellers face to face. 
  • No other media can give you this opportunity! 
  • See special products 
  • Show Specials 
  • See selling personnel not usually accessible 
  • See supplier personnel unknown to you
  • Compare products 
  • Exclusive offers
  • Discuss needs with technical personnel 
  • Make Purchases

Getting the most out of the Ideal Fall Home Show:

  • Set aside ample time to visit the whole show. 
  • Use the show guide and plan your route through the show.
  • Use the show to comparison shop.
  • Take in the show features.
  • Attend on-site seminars.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask exhibitors for information, quotations and prices.
  • Purchase your tickets in advance to get your discount savings.
  •  Use the show to research a project or product.
  • Take advantage of show specials.
  • Take advantage of samples, demos and trial offers.
  • Use the show to learn about the latest trends.
  • Come to a show to meet face to face with a company’s representatives.

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