Home & Garden Show Executives International was formed in 1955 as a professional trade association for home, garden and flower show producers. It brings together the most successful home, garden & flower exhibition managers in a combined effort to promote continued excellence and professionalism. Home & Garden Show Executives members meet annually to further advance their professional development and effectiveness of consumer home and flower shows. Because of professional association membership, shows achieve higher degrees of success for valued exhibitors while meeting the needs of the visiting public. Members take great pride in each show produced and strive to achieve success for both exhibitors and consumers.

Home & Garden Show Executives members are:
• renowned for creating quality events that maximize the return on investment of valued vendors and sponsors
• local show producers that have ties to the communities in which the shows exist
• able to gain broad based community and media support
• committed to serve homeowners, local charities, the housing industry and the community at large Consumers attending a member’s show will:
• be able to gain broad based community and media support
• have the opportunity to “see, touch & feel” windows, doors, kitchens, baths, pool and spa, lawn and garden, green technology, sustainable living products, along with thousands of additional building and remodeling products and services
• experience educational seminars that will help them garner ideas on how to improve their homes, gardens, landscapes and lifestyles

The professional Home Shows produced by the members of the Home & Garden Show Executives are the best in the country. Providing quality exhibitors that will help consumers gain the knowledge needed to move forward with any home improvement project is the everyday business of the Home & Garden Show Executive members. Code of Conduct The integrity of Exposition Management is the highest responsibility of all Exposition Managers. As members of the Home & Garden Show Executives International, we pledge to maintain the highest ethical standards, including…equitable rules and regulations; accurate and responsible information regarding these events; appropriate exhibitor credentials; reasonable security and safety procedures; fair contractual terms; and provide effective promotions to maximize attendance. We further pledge to advance the professionalism, growth, and effectiveness of home and garden shows to better serve exhibitors and the visiting public. 

How to Maximize Your Home and Garden Show Experience

Tour fully furnished homesWhether it’s a Home Show, Flower Show, or Home and Garden Show…here are our tips for maximizing your show experience…
Home and garden shows offer a bonanza of fun, fabulous features you can’t find anywhere else. They showcase information from top industry experts, hundreds of cutting edge ideas for your home and garden and an opportunity to save big dollars on almost any project.  Whether you want to turn your master bath into a relaxation spa, your yard into additional living space, or learn more about energy efficiency, shows provide all the tools to get it done.  If you have challenges with any of your living spaces, you will find solutions at the show.  Home and garden shows in your community will offer hands-on exhibits relating to kitchens and baths, interior design, lawn and garden, pool and spa, all categories of building/remodeling products, and green products. 
What will you actually see at the home and garden show?
Hundreds of actual hands-on displays of the latest products;
Fabulous features ranging from massive gardens, especially in a Flower Show, speakers, complete homes, national touring exhibits and family fun activities – many will have you saying WOW;
Professional speakers provide unbiased information on almost all home related topics;
Factory and local experts can provide solutions to your challenges;
10 tips for maximizing your experience at the home and garden show:
l.   Research the company producing the event.  Not all shows are created equal.  You can waste a lot of time and money at the wrong show.  Many of the best home and gardenshows in the country .
2.  Buy your tickets in advance if possible.  This will save you time and in some cases money. 
3.  Spend time on the home and gardenshow’s website.  Everything from schedules of events, exhibitor lists, floor plans, show features and special offers will be available to you;
4.  Create a list of exhibits you want to visit, map them out on the floor plan, put on your most comfortable pair of shoes and hit the show floor running.  Be prepared with a pen and notepad for the many new ideas and products you will see at the home show.  Planning your visit will save you time and make your visit more efficient;
5.  Attend the event with a list of show related questions you need answered.  The industries top experts will be available to answer these questions.  Face to face contact is one of the show’s most valuable resources;
6.   The home and garden show is a very competitive marketplace and can save visitors big money.  Many exhibitors will have exclusive show-only discounts, good for show visitors scheduling an appointment at the show or within a limited time following the show.  This can be a huge money-saving opportunity available only at the show;
7.   Shows are much more than a place to shop for products and services.  There are many memorable show experiences to be created by you and your family.  Most shows have activities targeted to children.  Your entire family can attend the show and go away saying they had an entertaining and worthwhile time.  Whichever show you’re visiting, check the website for available activities;
8.   Most home and garden shows have a show supplement/show directory available in the days prior to the shows opening.  Watch your mailbox or local newspaper for this valuable guide. The supplement will have details not available in show ads;
9.  Bring your actual project plans to the show.  Exhibitors can provide input to refine your project.  Take advantage of the show’s “One Stop Shopping”, putting everything you need under one roof;
10. Most shows have demonstrations of cash and carry products.  Many of these are products “As seen on TV”.  The home show advantage is you can take the product with you and save shipping and handling charges sometimes costing as much as the product.  You also get to see, touch and experience the product by watching the demonstration andlearning how the product works. 
If you’ve never visited a Home Show, Flower Show, or Home and Garden Show, you will be amazed at the experience you’ve missed all these years.  Follow some of the suggestions in this article and your visit can be truly a lifestyle changing experience!

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